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Drama Rant?


Girl's don't always mean what they say
Sometimes not at all
At all
I'm serious


Attention everyone: My mother is a vampire

No all you twi-hards not literally, she sucks the life and joy out of me. I'm don't want to be like every other stereotypical teen thats screaming about their misunderstood life and horrible parents. That's not me. According to my mother everything I do was the wrong thing and not good enough. But if i do something really good, she turns it around points out that it could have been better or that there is one downside and thats all that really matters. She makes me feel like poo. And I try so hard to stop fighting with her all the time, i mean it was even my new years resolution. But everytime I actually try to have a normal conversation with her, she will instead respond by telling me the 1,001 things that I have to do before tomorrow.

What a world.
Candy and Coffee,

The Silent Shouter

Hello fellow bloggers!
If your actually reading this I would Love some feedback. I capitalize Love to emphasize how important your opinion is to me. What do you want to hear from me? I mean I am supposed to help you guys out but what do you need help with? Ask me specific questions! It doesn't matter if you truly listen to what I have to say or not, its the reach that counts to me. Do I seem too cheery and cheesy? does it bother you? And last of all, is there any advice you have to get more friends and readers? 

You have 2 options:
1) Complain about how stupid and desperate I am sounding and although you are still reading this you have no intention of contributing, and are simply wasting your time in my opinion and yours.
2) give it a shot, why not? Whats the worst it could do? No harm will come to me or you.

Polka-Dots and Teddy-Bears
The Silent Shouter
Goodnight earth, may all who have touched your soil rest in peace.
Dont let your creativity be silenced.

What goals do you hope to achieve by the end of this year?

To discover the minimal truth left in the world.

The Norm

Good Afternoon All 0 Of My Friends!
I just wanted to start off saying that one of the most important things in life and especially in growing up (in my opinion) is never losing who you are. I know this sounds cheesy but its true. Some may think that changing to become like other people will make you more friends but you will lose many potential friends. Obviously I'm not talking about like positive changes as in becoming more outgoing, I'm talking about things like being mean to those below you or hanging out with bad people or making your appearance more fake. The only thing you could possibly gain from this would be to discover who you are and establish your personality. I hope this will benefit someone out there. ;)
Grapefruits and Parakeets,

The Silent Shouter



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